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Adoption Info

How do I adopt a dog?

If you are interested in adopting one of Nana's Haven's dogs, please fill out this adoption application.

I applied for a dog but haven't heard back yet. When will someone reach out to me?

Nana's Haven is a small team of women who work tirelessly coordinating rescue missions, transportation, medical attention, rehabilitation, foster homes, freedom flights and adoptions. We try to review applications as quickly as possible and we will reach out to schedule the majority of interviews for the weekend. If it's been more than a week since you've applied and you haven't heard back, please email us at

How often are new dogs, which are ready to be adopted, added to the site?

We try our best to keep the website up to date about dogs that have been adopted and new dogs that are ready to find their forever homes. Please check out the Adoptable Dogs page here.

Can I adopt one of your dogs?

People living in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom can adopt from Nana's Haven.

How much does it cost to rescue a dog from Nana's Haven?

Costs can be anywhere up to $1,500 depending on the type of medical attention that the dog needed, where the dog is flying from, and whether a flight volunteer is available to fly with the dog. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, airlines have increased the fee for dogs to fly which is reflected in the adoption cost.

The adoption cost helps cover boarding at the vet in China or South Korea, spay/neuter, x-rays, bloodwork, vaccines, microchip, grooming, boarding at the Safe Haven (if applicable), food, transportation, flight, and the customs broker.

Donations often help cover some of the many costs associated with rescuing and rehabilitating these dogs.

Why are there adoption restrictions for families with children under the age of 8?

We love the relationships and bonds that are formed with children and their dogs. However, we recognize that children often do not fully understand the boundaries that are needed for dogs, especially ones who have endured trauma. In some cases, we will approve a home with a child under 8 years of age. We do, however, feel more confident in adopting our dogs to families with children who are 8 years or older because at this age, they have a better understanding of space and boundaries which are needed for a dog. We want adoption success for both our dogs and families. 

Rescue Process

Where does Nana's Haven rescue from?

We mainly rescue dogs in China and South Korea that have been raised or sold for slaughter and the consumption of their meat. We also rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in South Korea. We try our best to help locally when other organizations are not able to help a dog in need. We also help our friends at other rescue organizations in Turkey and Dubai where adopting locally is almost impossible. 

Why does Nana's Haven focus on rescuing dogs from the meat trade in China and South Korea and high kill shelters in South Korea?

Each of us at Nana's Haven have volunteered for organizations that rescue dogs in the United States and are aware of how many dogs need to be adopted locally. After adopting a dog from the meat trade, we made it our mission to help as many dogs as we possibly can because of the extremely painful death and the abuse which they endure before their execution.

Dogs from the meat trade are kept in wired, crowded, and dirty cages. These dogs are abused, extremely malnourished, and sick and then burned, boiled, or beaten to death for consumption. All of this is done in front of other dogs who are helplessly watching the most extreme abuse and death on a daily basis.

The dogs in shelters in South Korea are only given 10 days before they are either killed, sold to the meat trade, or sold to experimental labs. These helpless dogs are not treated medically and almost always left in a terrible cage while they wait in hopes of being adopted. Many of the dogs in the shelters in South Korea are from puppy mills and have never experienced love.

What are rescue missions?

Nana's Haven is fortunate to have a team of volunteers who help us on the front lines in China and South Korea and notify us when dogs need our help. From there, we coordinate paid transportation teams to help our volunteers rescue the dogs from dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets, butcher shops, and shelters. We also have brave partners who are living in China and South Korea that are rescuing dogs first hand. We then help with finances, vetting, fostering and adoption. 

Where are the dogs located after being rescued? 

Once rescued, the dogs all go to our trusted veterinary clinics in China and South Korea.

After the dogs are medically cleared in China, we transport them to our Safe Haven, which is right outside of Beijing. Our Safe Haven is a dream come true for us, as it is operated by the most loving and passionate staff and volunteers, along with our incredible shelter director, Judith.

In South Korea, we are lucky to have most of our dogs in foster care but do use local boarding facilities when fosters are not available. Many of the local residents in South Korea do not want to foster a dog over 20 lbs.

When funds are available, we also fly our dogs to fosters in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

The Safe Haven and fosters are one of the final steps before we find these dogs their loving, forever homes.

Are the dogs fully vetted?

Our dogs are fully vetted, vaccinated and microchipped. We also focus on helping the dogs to get back to a healthy, balanced diet by giving them fresh, homemade meals. Dogs in the meat trade are starved and when they do get food, it's often unsanitary scraps from the trash, waste, or even dog meat

About Our Dogs

How do the dogs behave after going through such traumatizing experiences?

Each dog's behavior is different, just like people, so to understand our dogs better, we take the time to get to know them and test their behavior. We have a behaviorist in China and also trust that our fosters will let us know of any issues that need to be addressed.

While we will do our best to help potential adopters understand a dog's personality during the adoption process, we cannot guarantee that a dog's behavior at the time of adoption will remain the same for the rest of the dog's life. Adopters must understand that certain behavioral/personality traits can come to light after they are adopted. This may happen because of a change in the dog's environment, unknown fears and triggers, or simply because the dog is becoming more confident over time. 

Are the dogs house broken?

We do our best to potty train the dogs while they are at our Safe Haven or in foster care. Even house broken dogs can have accidents while they are decompressing and getting acclimated to a new home. We just ask that you be patient, forgiving, and understanding of all that the dogs have gone through if bathroom accidents do occur.

Are the dogs tested with cats? 

We are almost always able to test our dogs with cats when requested.


Why should I foster?

By participating in Nana's Haven's foster program, you will help make room for our organization to rescue more dogs in need. Fostering is also a great way to give love and affection to an animal in need. It's an extremely rewarding experience to watch a dog grow under your care.

How do I apply to be a foster?

If you're interested in becoming a foster parent, please fill out this form.

What does Nana's Haven expect from foster parents?

We expect foster parents to do the following:

- give lots of love and attention - be patient and work with the dog to adjust to a new life - spend quality time every day to build trust and and get the dog to feel safe and comfortable - develop routines to create stability - hold onto any paperwork given to you on the dog - move any electronics, wires, plants, shoes, or open garbage cans out of your foster dog's reach - send updates with pictures and videos on the dog 2x/week about progress, behavior, and personality - purchase food (if the dog is on a certain restricted diet, Nana's Haven will supply) - provide the dog with a harness, sturdy leash, bed, toys and bathing supplies - commit to fostering the dog until a successful adoption (can range from weeks to months) - try your best to be accommodating to potential adopters and meet anyone who is approved and interested in adopting the dog you are fostering

What does Nana's Haven provide to foster parents?

If a dog requires a special diet, Nana's Haven will purchase this. Also, any vet or medical care needed will be covered by Nana's Haven.

If the dog I'm fostering damages something in my home, will Nana's Haven pay for it?

Nana's Haven is not responsible for any damaged personal property. We advise that before you bring your foster dog home, to move any electronics, wires, plants, shoes, or open garbage cans out of your foster dog's reach.

If I'm fostering a dog but fall in love, can I keep him/her?

We always love when our fosters adopt but you need to discuss with Nana's Haven staff-- fosters do not have ownership rights of Nana's Haven's dogs. Please remember that it's about finding the best home for the dog. In addition, fosters will need to pay the adoption and flight fee.

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