Our mission

Our Mission

We are a donation-based, non-profit, no-kill international rescue brought together by Nana, our meat trade survivor and cancer warrior. Nana’s Haven was created in Nana’s memory by a passionate and dedicated global community of people fighting for innocent and abused animals.

Our dogs currently can be adopted to the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe, including the United Kingdom. We partner with both international and local rescues focusing on savings dogs from the meat trade in Asia and high-kill shelters.

Almost all of the dogs have been extremely abused, and we make it our mission to show them love and rebuild their trust and confidence. We save dogs from the meat trade, breeding farms, and puppy mills. These billion-dollar industries work hand in hand with each other, and we are fighting each day to put a stop to their abuse for profit.

Asia's Dog Meat Trade

The horrific, shocking and nauseating dog meat trade continues every day despite governments acting like they are moving forward in the right direction for the victims of the meat trade. Over 30 million dogs are victims of the meat trade in Asia. Across Asia, dogs are being raised on deplorable “farms” where they are raised solely for consumption, other times they are sold from breeders and owners and even worse, many of these dogs are stolen from their own backyards and or snatched from the streets.

The idea that health benefits of torturing these helpless animals to produce adrenaline and make their meat more "tasteful" causes these helpless animals to endure the most barbaric death. These innocent victims are left starved and sick in wired crammed cages, while they see and receive endless abuse before they themselves meet the same fate. The meat trade in Asia is extremely unregulated which has allowed the spread of disease in the animals and markets to spread like wildfires.  

The controversy over dog meat consumption often centers on the slaughtering methods employed, which include electrocution, strangulation by hanging, and physically beating the dog to death. Some dogs are still alive when they are blow-torched or thrown into boiling water to remove their fur. Many of these victims are boiled and burned alive, they are beaten and slaughtered so they can be served and eaten as an "experience". It's unbelievable that the world is still permitting this to still happen. 

Dog and cat meat are particularly popular during the summer months which is when these  horrendous gatherings called festivals are held. The Yulin festival in China, occurs during the summer solstice in which festival goers gather to eat dog meat and lychees. The Yulin festival began in 2009 and spans about ten days during which thousands of dogs are reportedly consumed. 

The Boknal that occurs in South Korea, is held on the three hottest days between July and August according to the lunar calendar, when 70-80 percent of dog meat is consumed even by those who never eat it at any other time. Many farmers will have their dogs slaughtered just before Boknal when they fetch the highest prices, meaning that the suffering of 2 million dogs every year is focused mainly (but not exclusively) on supplying demand for a soup consumed during just one month.

Please raise your voice and help these poor and innocent animals! You can do so many things to help these victims by spreading awareness, signing petitions, volunteering, fundraising, foster or adopt! Together we can make a change, even if it’s one life at a time!

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