Male, Daschund

Child FriendlyYes
Age8 months
House TrainedYes

Hi! My name is Potato and I am friendly and affection with all humans--not to mention, I am on my best manners when playing with other furry friends, which I've been told is especially impressive since I'm still a puppy. I get zoomies several times a day but am a lap dog at heart. I love to sleep on people's laps or be held in someone's arms. I don't have any separation anxiety and I don't bark either. If you leave me home alone with some toys to play with, I'll occupy myself and can play with them non-stop. I walk well on a leash and can walk for as long as a hour but I'd prefer to be inside and lounge around. If you really want me to come outside, you can convince me with treats. I'm almost house-trained but you can imagine I might make a few mistakes especially in a new environment.

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