Male, Terrier mix

Weight26 lbs
BreedTerrier mix
Age3 years


(from USA foster)

He has completely assimilated as part of the pack now. He is so good with the other dogs and kids. He totally doesn’t mind when the other dogs sniff him and want to play, and in fact now plays along with them (if he can keep up).

He has the perfect temperament. LOVES walks and hikes, and being around us. He just seems so happy to be alive and he really needs to go to a home where someone appreciates just how perfect and loving he is.

(from SK foster)

There is a stray cat that follows Rick around, but he usually likes to stay away. Doesn’t seem to be too interested! 

It doesn’t matter how big or small the dog is, if another dog shows interest then he is opened to being introduced, but if he is not interested then he likes to stay away. If another dog barks or starts growling then he will stop and stare, but doesn’t growl/bark back and will return to me when his name is gently called.

He has no particular reaction to a leash. He has really good walking/outdoor manners! He is able to sit, wait and shake on command and loves running around and sniffing and marking his territory around trees, plants, soil, stone, etc. (For the last six months, we have not seen him go inside).

He is super shy and nervous. If he’s being exposed to a new environment for the first time then he likes to pull very hard while walking. If you try to forcefully drag him to a place where he doesn’t want to go then he will just stop and lay down flat. He doesn’t like riding in a car. He can be in a car if he’s being held, but he will drool a lot or might even pee or poop. He doesn’t like being held by a person. He likes being scratched or petted, but if you try to hug and lift him, he will get nervous. 

His temporary family consists of a total of 5 members, which 3 of whom are usually always home. I am usually home, minus 6 hours when I’m at work or have a special occasion. We don’t have any other pet than Rick.

Rick’s main food is Nature’s Logic Duck and Salmon, and his snacks include bone treats, chicken breasts, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, chicken feet, or sometimes we give air dried snacks which he loves. He doesn’t like veggies like cabbage and carrots. 

He doesn’t really like toys. He sometimes plays with balls but after once or twice, he loses interest. But he likes nose-work toys with snacks.

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