Age1.5 years old

Lizzy is just one year young, she was rescued from that terrible filthy shelter in South Korea and has been a ray of sunshine ever since she was saved! She is the sweetest, prettiest girl! She is estimated to be just 1 and a half years young. She’s in great spirits and health despite her hell of a past. She is currently at a foster home in New York City and is doing great. She is house trained and loves to cuddle on the couch and hang with her human. Lizzy should be the only dog in the home due to some signs of being possessive over her things with another dog in her first foster (not towards the humans, just the dog). However, she loves going on walks and to the dog park, and is happy to meet dogs while there! She is a very easy going and calm dog, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

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