Female, Welsh Corgi-Jindo

BreedWelsh Corgi-Jindo
Age3 yrs

Bonbon is a sweet girl, who loves attention and will greet you at the door with a hug. Her favorite things are car rides, walks at the park, and to to cuddle.

She takes treats well and is not food aggressive. 

Bonbon would prefer her space when it comes to other dogs. She is not aggressive but will growl to claim her space if another dog gets too close.

She would be best in a home with another calm dog, or even as an only dog. 

She is good with children as long as they are old enough to respect her and know good dog boundaries.

Bonbon has a bit of a pull when walking, she has great prey drive, she loves to explore and find lizards and frogs.

She needs a home that will take her on walks frequently so she can do what she loves. 

Be a forever home.
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