Female, Jindo/Terrier mix

Weight22 lbs
BreedJindo/Terrier mix
Child FriendlyYes
Cat FriendlyYes
Age16 months
House TrainedYes

Hi! My name is Banana and I was rescued right before being euthanized.

Overall, I am good with adults and children but am extremely cautious with strangers and am afraid of anyone with a stick, umbrella, or broom. Loud noises and sudden movements also frighten me and I can be mouthy or growl if I am grabbed or touched and haven't gained your trust yet. Please be patient with me.

In terms of fur friends, I am working on greeting others gently because I often get too excited when I see my friends. I will also react to dogs (or cats) who show aggressive behaviors toward me, but if they are kind, respectful, and easy-going, I get along well.

I enjoy long naps during the day but also love to be outside. I am working on walking nicely on a leash and my foster thinks I will be a great hiking dog someday. I don't have any separation anxiety but I am protective of my humans and surroundings and therefore will be very watchful and alert.

I love playing fetch, running around in the backyard, and going for walks. I am shy but with time and patience, I become more social and trusting. In my forever home, I would love to be the only pet, have a yard to soak up the sun, and live in a quiet home with a crate to relax in. I am an intelligent, watchful, and loyal girl. In fact, I tend to be very faithful to one specific person and I prefer to be handled by that person. For this reason, I need to be socialized with other people and fur friends often. I can't wait to meet my forever family.

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