Male, Jindo mix

BreedJindo mix
Age9 months


-Relationship with other animals (cats & dogs)

:Interested in both cats & dogs, and is full of curiosity so Theo will watch and react depending on their reactions. 

-Relationship with dogs of all sizes

:When he meets another dog outside during his walk, then he might hesitate because he gets nervous. He has spent a couple of days at a home with another dog, and there was no problem. 

-What’s he like when walking? Is he afraid to be leashed up?

:We have been putting on his harness while holding him, if we try to put it on him while facing him directly he sometimes he moves his mouth thinking we are trying to play with him. 

- Is he shy or scared? If so, at what?

: He gets nervous when meeting a new person but when he gets comfortable then he is very well-behaved. He gets nervous when a person stands up, and is scared of tall or big people.

-Where is he currently staying?

: He is currently in California in foster care with another Jindo dog.

- What does he eat?

:He eats salmon and veggie pet food because he is constipated. He likes to snack on vegetables, fruits, dental/leather treats, and is allergic to chicken. 

- What toys does he play with?

:He likes toys that make squeaking noises, and likes to play with a wide variety of toys. He likes to play catch. He also likes to play with people and with things like socks, tissues and also likes being fed with treats.

*Theo Lacks social behaviors, and is teething so he likes to bite on things. At his temp home, he likes to chew on dental gums and since he likes to eat, he is easy to train with snacks. If he finds a temp or forever home who has had experience with dogs then there shouldn't be any major problems

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