Female, Samoyed mix

BreedSamoyed mix
Age2 yrs


🌞2 -yr- old female 

🌞Samoyed mix

🌞35 lbs

🌞All vaccinations up to date

🌞Rescued from a dog meat farm

Sunni is a jolly playful soul. She loves people and likes to be pet all the time as Sammies always do 😂

Due to being rescued from meat farm, she does not have much experience with walking on the leash. She gets little nervous and cautious when she  goes out.  We have no doubt that if she gets the opportunity to walk on leash everyday she will become a pro walker!! 🐕 🚶 

She gets along well with other dogs but displays resource guarding when food is around. 

She barks when she is alone. (Just a normal Samoyed being vocal!)

She is great on car rides and stays calm during bath time. 

So if you are planning on a short road trip to mountain side or lake, Sunni will enjoy the ride and definitely become your no.1 outdoor activity buddy!! Give 2nd chance in life to this big fur baby🐾💕🐻‍❄️ 

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