Male, Jindo mix

BreedJindo mix
Age4 yrs

From Nana's Haven founder:

"Leo has been so amazing to foster. He was one of the most traumatized dogs after living on a terrible dog meat farm in South Korea. It has been amazing to see how he has blossomed every day with me. He absolutely loves being outside, and playing with the dogs. He sits at the fence where he can watch the cats in hopes of one day catching one so he definitely has a high prey drive. He gets along well with every dog he meets and is great at playing and understanding boundaries. Leo is such a curious boy and is one of the happiest dogs I’ve met. He’s just warming up to strangers and will take a while to trust people but once he gains your trust he is so loving. He still gets nervous about leaving our house for a walk but once out, he does enjoy his walks with the pack. He needs a house with a yard and another dog companion. He just started giving kisses and now could give them all day. He has a contagious smile and the cutest walk and booty shake. He is such a special boy and would make anyone lucky to have him."

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