Female, American Staffordshire Terrier

Weight48 lbs
BreedAmerican Staffordshire Terrier
Age2.5 years
House TrainedYes

Hi! My name is Penelope aka Princess P. I was rescued in Miami by Fifty Shades of Stray where I was used to produce puppies for a terrible backyard breeder. The breeder repeatedly took my babies from me at too young of an age. My foster said that this was confirmed by multiple sources and the vet because I was still lactating when I was rescued.

Life was hard then. I was left to find my own food so I would eat from the trash. I had extremely bad and irritated skin. My own babies weren't my own. When my foster took me in, she noticed how scared I was when she would tell me "no". I closed my eyes and cowered close to the ground with my head hung low, preparing to be hit. For those reasons, my foster believes I was abused in that backyard in more ways than one.

With my foster, I recognize how much progress I've made because I no longer cower in fear and understand that she won't hurt me. I love being around people so much and am hoping to find my forever home soon.

I am good with dogs but need to be with an owner who understands my strength. I love to play rough with my pack but am very gentle with puppies like my foster sibling who has medical issues. Occasionally, I notice that he has night terrors so I go to check on him to make sure that he's okay. When my foster brother is feeling better, he sometimes wants to play with me and I'll let him bite me with his sharp puppy teeth. If it gets too much, then I'll just back up until he stops.

I need plenty of exercise everyday and hope my new family will take me out for long walks and plenty of play time outside. I do well at entertaining myself but I am very protective over my toys and will take them from other dogs. I am loyal and love to cuddle. You can find me hanging out at home, jumping onto the bed, burying my head into my foster's lap, flopping over for pets and scratches, or cuddling with my foster siblings at home.

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