Female, Boston Terrier

Weight20 lbs
BreedBoston Terrier
Age3 yrs

(From South Korean foster)

Relationships with adults: Very good. She is extremely friendly and affectionate. Relationship with kids: Unknown, she hasn't been around the small kids Relationships with other dogs: She plays very well with both small and large dogs. She is just a happy camper who loves to hang out with other furry friends. Relationships with cats: Unknown. ***Foster has no cats. House broken: Outdoor only Energy level: 7 out of 10. Playful Separation Anxiety/Barking: None! She is a quiet and mellow girl. Touch and handle: She loves touching and petting. She also likes to be held in your arms and sitting on your lap. She can be stubborn, but once she realizes the humans won't give in, she usually gives up in 5 minutes. She loves to go for walks.

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