Male, Border Collie / Jindo Mix

BreedBorder Collie / Jindo Mix
Age1.5 - 2yrs

LOS ANGELES! Oreo is ready for adoption! Oreo is the most handsome guy, full of personality, and he is looking for either a dog savvy foster home or, ideally, his forever home! Oreo is a fun-loving, energetic, and loyal pup. He hasn’t known much security in his life, and we are out to change that. Oreo came from South Korea in January and we don’t know a ton about his past. He made his way to NYC with our rescue where he underwent months of decompression and training after realizing in his first foster home that he needed some additional help. After he settled into his next foster home, Oreo unfortunately ran into some trouble as the transition was hard for him to handle. We immediately flew him him to LA where our director brought him to Aubrey with Beezy’s Pack for further training and proper socialization. Oreo has been doing great since his move to LA and is now looking for the perfect foster or forever home 🖤 Oreo loves toys. Play will be a big way to get him comfortable in a new situation 😊 He loves to play with other dogs but can be possessive and will resource guard both toys and food items. He would do well with another dog to model behavior from, but this will come with a higher level of management. Implementing structure will be important for Oreo to succeed - the crate is an excellent tool for this.

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