Male, Lab mix

Weight50 lbs
BreedLab mix
Age4 yrs
House TrainedYes

👉Relationship with People:

     Good. He loves all people. He

     greets his family by wagging

     his tail when they come

     home. He loves small

     children as well, and tries

     to play with them every

     chance he gets.

👉He gets along well with other

     dogs. He  hasn't had any

     direct contact with cats, but

     if he sees a stray cat over the

     fence, he shows his

     friendliness by wagging his


👉Potty: Outside only. Never

     been pad trained.

👉Energy level: High

👉No separation anxiety nor a


👉He can be touched and


👉He walks well on the leash

     and enjoys going for walks.

     Please be advised that he   

     may pull on the leash when

     he is overally excited. 

👉No escape attempts were

     made. He enjoys.outdoor


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