Before Pearl, my husband Jeff and I had been looking for a dog to join our family for a few months, but no such luck. Every time we tried to adopt, we were too late. That’s when my good friend Caity recommended Nana’s Haven. Caity has a pup that’s a China meat trade survivor, so she knew of Lauren and Nana’s Haven from Instagram! I started to follow the Nana’s Haven IG and within a few weeks Pearl’s face popped up in my feed. She was so adorable and looked like the perfect size for our NYC apartment. Jeff saw her and had a gut feeling that if I reached out, she would be ours.  

When I reached out, Lauren got back to me almost immediately and we had such a great conversation! As luck would have it there was an open spot on a flight the following week, so if we wanted to move forward it would be a really quick process! Jeff and I paused for a second and thought maybe we were crazy adopting a dog we had never met, but Lauren’s description of Pearl and her knowledge gave us so much confidence to go for it! 

The day of Pearl’s arrival couldn’t have gone any smoother. We picked Pearl up at the South Korea Air cargo terminal. Lauren and her partners at WE ACT gave us so much information so we were well prepared. The moment we saw Pearl wheeled out of the cargo area our hearts melted. 

Pearl was visibly scared when we first brought her home, but she left her travel crate within the first 3 hours and from that point on she kept progressing. When she first arrived, she would jump at every truck and car noise, today she’ll stand next to us bravely. She loves chasing squirrels and playing with dogs at the dog park. She has so many friends and everyone knows who Pearl is because she’s always ready to play! 

The transformation she’s made since she first came home is very impressive. Her personality is also coming out more and more each day and it’s a joy to witness.  

We are so lucky to have Pearl in our family! We couldn’t be more grateful for the work Nana’s Haven does to get dogs just like Pearl into safe and loving homes!  

~ Ashlyn
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