When I first heard of JoJo, I knew she was the one. After I saw her, I didn’t even take a look at any other dog. Moving to New York City after graduation, COVID-era life had been a bit more dull and unfulfilling than I anticipated. JoJo more than filled that void. I told Lauren that I was looking for a “very loyal and affectionate” dog and, wow did JoJo nail that perfectly. From the very first day, I knew we had found the perfect pair. Although she was slightly anxious to be in a new place, she followed me around my apartment from the second she stepped in and hasn’t stopped since. From room to room, she comes with me everywhere and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Coming from a meat farm, Manhattan was quite the change of scenery for JoJo. She was scared at first of bikes, trucks, and any loud noises. She still is, but she is getting better every day. JoJo has worked up the courage to go into the elevator all by herself (for the first few weeks, she wouldn’t even get near it).

It has only been a little over month with JoJo, but I know she has found her happy place and so have I 😄

~ Josh
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