We fell in love with Scout as soon as we saw his little teddy bear face and knew he had to be apart of our family. Mom tracked his flight from Korea on her computer and dad was busy getting the house prepped for our little baby. We said we wouldn’t tell the kids the news we adopted a puppy until he arrived to us, but that only lasted a day until we had to tell them the news. We stared at his pictures and said we loved him before we even met him but little did we know how much more we would love him once he arrived at his furever home. If you could pick the most perfect dog in the world, it would be our little Scout. He is gentle, loving, caring, sweet, funny, trusting, beautiful and everything a human craves in the bond of an animal. But he isn’t just an animal in our family, he is an actual family member. We are a complete family now that Scout is with us. We had no idea how much we needed Scout and all the joy he brings us until we had him. He is our baby boy and all he will ever know forever is love. Thank you Nana’s Haven for bringing this little ray of sunshine into our lives. We love you so much Scout!!

~ Jordan
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